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Working with a Professional Organizer - 9 Myths Debunked

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

There are many misconceptions out there about how Professional Organizers work and interact with their clients. Check out these debunked myths to see what the real lowdown is...

1- Organizers make you throw away all kinds of things in your space

Quite the contrary! We never throw out anything in a client's home without their permission. We work with you to make decisions on what best serves your life.

2 - Your space is the absolute worst they have ever seen

As the saying goes - if I had a dollar every time a client expressed

that concern I would have a lot of dollars! It's normal to be anxious about

a stranger coming in to evaluate your space, but really they are looking beyond

the mess and already formulating a plan to help.

3 - They are judging you

So not the case. We are professional and serious about keep everything confidential, compassionate and non-judgemental.

4 - They want you to clean and tidy up before their initial assessment

Heck no! We want to see you in your natural everyday habitat, how you function, what habits

are working and which are not. We need to see reality to come up with a real plan.

5 - The transformation always makes you space Pinterest or Instagram worthy

While it's true we will work to make your space beautiful and aesthetically pleasing we know that life gets real with kids, pets and the craziness of everyday life! The space may not look picture perfect a month from now but that's ok, the systems will still be there and working.



A Professional Organizer is in your home to help you, not pass judgement.

They want for you what they want for all clients... your home to be your sanctuary.


6 - The process is expensive

It doesn't have to be. We work with all budgets and can keep costs down by repurposing what's in your home for storage and assigning homework in between sessions.

7 - The process will take a long time

That depends on the scope of the project and how quickly the client can make decisions.

8 - Your space look great, but you never hear from the organizer again

A good organizer will educate you and your family how to maintain the systems in the spaces they set up. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plans to come in and tweak original systems or set up new ones because of a life change - new baby, home or job or just because your needs have changed.

9 - All organizing companies are the same

This one is sooo not true. Make sure you look for an organizer with experience, one that maintains ongoing education on latest techniques and trends, one that upholds the NAPO Code of Ethics and has a process and pricing that works for you.

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