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Our Process

 step one


Schedule a complimentary phone consultation by calling 917-859-7715 or book a call here.

During the thirty-minute discovery call I will focus on listening to what you are struggling with, what is stressing you as well as goals and timeline. There will be ample opportunity for you to ask questions about the organizing process and how I work.

step two

If it's a good fit then we schedule an onsite assessment. Every job and space is unique and it’s important to see the space and ask specific questions about vision and goals. The assessment takes an hour and with your permission I take photos and notes. I will return to you within 3-4 business day a written proposal with an estimate and schedule a start date. 

step three

It’s GO time! This is when we get down to working hands on with the client to transform their space. After both parties sign a Service Agreement we work with you to make positive changes to your daily life by implementing new organization systems and routines.  

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