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What our satisfied clients have to say....

 "I cannot rave about Kathe and her team enough!! They always showed up on time, they cared about the small details, they were cheerful and helpful throughout the long days and time-consuming projects. They helped me set up my home in a very user-friendly, organized way, making my life so much easier. I recommend Kathe without reservation to anyone who needs help organizing or decluttering or moving!!! She set up PODS storage for me and was the liaison with them, really helping us deal with moving things out of the house for both staging and moving."

Anne-Marie L.  -  Warren, NJ

 "They were extremely helpful clearing out 55 years of stuff from my mother's house and getting ready for a move. They always came on time, were flexible, gave great advice, and made countless arrangements that made my life so much easier. I highly recommend Top to Bottom Organization."

Audrey M.  -  Verona, NJ

 "My downsize move went so much more smoothly and with much less stress, within a very
short period of time, than I ever imagined it could have. I owe it to the professional services
of Top to Bottom Organization and Kathe."

Lisa L.  -  Montclair, NJ

 "My only regret is not having contacted a professional organizer sooner. In addition to being a working mother trying to juggle a house and paperwork l have struggled with ADHD my entire life. Kathe is so warm and friendly. She was so non judgmental and professional and she showed me how to turn a messy pile into order step by step. Not only was I left with a new filing system and an organized pantry I was also left with the strategies and self motivation to transform the rest of my house, not to mention my office and job. Kathe followed up with me to support my sticking to it and I have. If you are on the fence about getting organized I recommend giving it a try. It's very reasonable financially and worth every penny of investment in your way towards a more orderly and meaningful life."

Laural M.  -  Fanwood, NJ

"I want to thank you for helping me organize my kosher kitchen and pantry. They are still organized and set up so my kids can unload groceries without my help because they know where everything goes and I know where to find it afterwards. I was motivated to organize my sons room. Thank you for working with me and teaching me principals of organization that has really enabled me to stay on top of things. I would never have believed I could add another child to the mix and have less mess than I did before!"
Jessie F.  -  Queens, NY
"I was feeling overwhelmed in my out of control house when I called Kathe. She assessed the project and jumped right in to get things moving towards my organizational goals. Initially I didn't know where to start but she came up with a plan and was respectful of my "stuff" and she still managed to get me to purge items I don't use. Kathe was open to trying different systems until she found the one that works best for me."
Joanne M.  -  West Caldwell, NJ
"I have hired Top to Bottom many times and have recommended her to my friends. Kathe can be relied upon to use what you already have for storage when she can, thus re-purposing and saving you money, She is always professional, showing up on time, working extremely hard, following through on your needs helping with the decision making process; friendly and have a can do approach help you feel less overwhelmed and gain control over your space. Additionally she has abundant resources at her disposal (ranging from donation pickups, handyman and product recommendations). "

Maralyn K.  -  West Orange, NJ

"Kathe comes about once a month for several hours to get me going on overwhelming disorganization. We have moved 4 times and I think we took everything with us! Now its time to pare down and eventually move , but we have to totally declutter the garage,basement , Christmas decorations etc. Kathe doesn't know it yet but if we move, she's flying out to set us up properly."

Ronna and Rich C.  -  Florida

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