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Virtual Organizing 


Is it for you?

  • You're looking for accountability and support 

  • You feel overwhelmed and need help getting projects started and moving forward 

  • Looking to incorporate organizing strategies into daily life​​

  • ​You're self motivated and can stay on track with a plan

  • Comfortable using phone, tablet or computer to communicate

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How can Virtual Organizing help you:

  • ​Flexible times - easy to fit into your schedule

  • More affordable access to Top to Bottom organizing expertise

  • Do more of the hands on work and build self confidence

  • ​We see only what you give us access to

  • Agree on goals and make decisions together

  • Higher level of skill transfer  

  • ​Sessions can be recorded as a refresher for when you work on your own

What we can work on:

  • Closets

  • Paper management

  • Setting up office and filing system

  • Finances and budgeting

  • Time management, scheduling and planning

  • ​Pantry

  • Living spaces

  • Small spaces - apartment living

You receive the same professional organizing expertise as hands on organizing as well as resource sharing, product recommendation and confidentiality. ​After each session you receive an email with session recap and follow up tasks.


Contact us for your free 30 minute free consultation.  

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